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Install minidlna on Ubuntu Linux


To install the MiniDLNA server on your Ubuntu you need to run the following command from a terminal:

sudo apt-get install minidlna

You can alternatively click on the following address to initiate the installation through the Ubuntu Software center


Issues & errors:

[2013/03/11 12:39:12] minidlna.c:536: fatal: Database path not accessible! [/var/cache/minidlna]

If you see this error you will have to manually create this directory /var/cache/minidlna

Media directory not accessible! [/mnt/media/Videos]

If the above message is displayed when you try to run minidlna, you should probably change the user that is running the minidlna service by editing the /etc/init.d/minidlna file:

if [ -z $USER ]; then

The above variables are set near line 67 and root seems to be working for me.

If your recently added media content is not being displayed in your DLNA client you may want to run the following command, which will rescan the media directories that you have added in the /etc/minidlna.conf file:

minidlna -R

Once the rescan is completed you should restart the service using:

/etc/init.d/minidlna restart


service minidlna restart

after which you should be able to see your media content.

You can check the scan progress by reviewing the log file using the command below:

tail -f /var/log/minidlna.log

which should output something like this:

[2013/03/11 13:47:25] scanner.c:719: warn: Scanning /mnt/big/Downloads
[2013/03/11 13:47:28] scanner.c:790: warn: Scanning /mnt/big/Downloads finished (62 files)!
[2013/03/11 13:47:28] scanner.c:719: warn: Scanning /mnt/big/Music
[2013/03/11 13:47:35] tagutils/tagutils-plist.c:123: error: Playlist looks bad (unprintable characters)
[2013/03/11 13:47:35] playlist.c:60: warn: Bad playlist [/mnt/big/Music/Eminem-Recovery-(Retail)-2010-[NoFS]/00-Eminem-Recovery-(Retail)-2010-[NoFS].m3u]
[2013/03/11 13:47:35] scanner.c:498: warn: Unsuccessful getting details for /mnt/big/Music/Eminem-Recovery-(Retail)-2010-[NoFS]/00-Eminem-Recovery-(Retail)-2010-[NoFS].m3u!
[2013/03/11 13:48:08] scanner.c:790: warn: Scanning /mnt/big/Music finished (1449 files)!
[2013/03/11 13:48:08] scanner.c:719: warn: Scanning /mnt/big/wwwroot
[2013/03/11 13:49:25] scanner.c:790: warn: Scanning /mnt/big/wwwroot finished (6547 files)!

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